Signs of an unhealthy dating relationship

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And finally, if you continue to fall into sin together, it’s time to take a break until you can grow enough in your spiritual walk to come back together in purity. These are only three warning signs; there are several more that could be discussed (such as unequal yoking).

If your boyfriend refuses to work, can’t keep a job or consistently fails to follow through in his work and relationships, there is reason for concern.

In addition to the signs listed above, here are some signs a friend might be being abused by a partner: A person who is being abused needs someone to hear and believe him or her.

Maybe your friend is afraid to tell a parent because that will bring pressure to end the relationship.

Get help from a counselor or therapist if you feel confused or unsure of whether you're in an abusive relationship.

Unhealthy relationships can occur in friendship, while dating and in marriage.

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